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Originally Posted by Somnii View Post
This is another MacTavish move that I'm going to have to adopt a wait-and-see approach towards, although I'm initially leaning towards liking it.

The Oilers are, as of this moment, a better team thanks to this trade, but I fully expect that opinions on this deal will sway in due time, especially if/when the Oilers miss out on the playoffs again this coming season, and Paajarvi continues to improve.

Perron is quite the talent, but he can be an incredibly frustrating player to watch at times; I do believe that he's going to be a favourite whipping boy around here in short order. Hopefully, I'm proven wrong.
The only way to evaluate a trade is by these criteria (i present it in a fair/chronological order)

a) what they have done so far; only fair if you are using recent data that can help you get an average, based upon what you have seen, not on potential and/or hypothetical situations

- (ex. so and so hit 8 posts; hes way better, or -- he played with anemic players (while this is second last one is fun to draw in arguments for certain players - if so and so was so good what did they lack to not automatically be put to play with better players)

- or using brief examples where a player played a style he doesn't consistently play

In this first evaluation make sure to include injuries that could change future stats.

b) What type of system or function/role that player played for x team; defensive, pp, pk, ect.

c) in the last evaluation you can include who the player played with - how good were they, why was that player/line put in that role, did player have character issues, conditioning issues, mental toughness/weakness , physical toughness/weaknesses, ect.

Evaluation for Magnus Paajarvi

A) Weaknesses: Magnus has shown in his first and three seasons he can score, he needs to play with better players who see the game at a high level, has to work on his shot, apply more toughness, be less of a perimeter player, work on 1 on 1 play.

undeniable speed, and applied with strength could be a real asset. Also if used more his size can be used along the boards with great effectiveness, Defensive awareness has been touted about him; while its good its not yet an elite level it will get there, what makes it effective is just body positioning

B) has been used more as a checker, because he does have good defensive instincts. He has scored goals but he hasn't been able to do it without elite or lesser players.

C) Magnus has played with some real scrubs like Belanger, and unmotivated Hemsky; briefly. What you will get is a player who triess hard, and gives everything he can. Excellent character, and with a demotion a year ago there was a overwhelming amount of praise for maturity; in comparison to fellow teammate Omark who was vocal about his demotion. Physical/Mental toughness are see evidently. Conditioning isn't a problem, and he could add even more weight to his frame.

That's my evaluation - as for Perron if someone from St. Louis board would like to do an evaluation of him, I would be very thankful (i could only base it on a handful games last year, and the playoffs)

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