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07-13-2013, 08:26 PM
filth e mcnasti
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Filth E Mcnasti

Where are you from:
New York, now reside in AZ

How old:

Rangers fan since:
My eyes opened for the first time. Earliest Memories are the 93/94 season, I was 6 years old LOL.

First Rangers match you attended:
The earliest one I remember was game 5 of the 1997 series against the Devils. Graves ended their season in OT, it was exellent.

Favorite Ranger:
Growing up, Leetch, no doubt about it, followed closely by Messier, Kovalev, Graves and Richter. In the later years, I really loved Scott Gomez and Chris Drury. J/K LOL. Seriously though, Cally, and Hank.

Best Ranger moment:
I can't remember the Cup too well, since I was so young, I would say the game I previously mentioned, was one of my all time favorites, I love seeing us beat them.

Former Rangers you miss:
Well, not too many I can really think of, I would probably say that I miss Gabby most out of all of them, even though I'm happy with the trade, I also miss Artie, and Dubi too. Other than that, it's really meh.

Any non-Rangers you like:
Patrick Kane. So Filthy. Make it happen Uncle Slats!

Any other sports:
Yankees, Giants, Knicks. I love me some Big Blue football baby!! Eli,Nicks,Cruz,JPP,Strahan...the list goes on back as far as my man LT. Can't say enough about how awesome Jeter(my favorite player in all sports) made my childhood. Him, Mo, Andy and Po, Bernie, Paulie, Tino...etc.. I love Pat Ewing, Charles Oakley, LJ, Starks, etc... Melo and JR, Stat too, even though he gets so much hate. Jr is my dude though, you trying to get the pipe has to be my favorite tweet in history.

How did you find HF Boards:
I found HFboards a long time ago looking for a Rangers board, have been reading for 5+ years, but just started contributing.

How do you watch Rangers games:
Tv, Online, in person once or twice a year. Basically I'll watch them anyway humanly possible.

With that being said. LGMFR. Since football is here, and the Yankees are depressing, let's go Big Blue, i've got my SALSA ready! who's bringing the chips!?

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