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10-28-2006, 09:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Hackett View Post
and punishing a team like ottawa for making shrewd trades and good draft picks is wrong too. They lost havlat for a lesser player. Simply because of the cap.

We've replaced one flawed system with another flawed system. After we get past that, its a matter of opinion for which system you believe is the lesser of two evils.
I'd agree that every system is flawed, but I don't think I agree that under this system, good teams are punished.

I haven't seen NJ, or Detroit punished. Both are excellent organizations that were the cream of the crop before and after the cap was implemented. Both have a plethora of young players and players who have broken out since the cap was implemented.

Carolina won the Cup and managed to sign the majority of its players. And the ones that walked, didn't walk away with huge contracts from other clubs. Carolina could've afforded them.

I think Ottawa's a unique case here. I don't think they lost Havlat because of the salary cap. Rather, I think they lost him because he wanted to be the go-to-guy, and he was relegated largely to third-line duty in Ottawa.

Added to that (or, a part of that), Ottawa's being terribly mismanaged (IMO).

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