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07-13-2013, 10:45 PM
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Originally Posted by niinah View Post
Well my story as was already told here, only pair available was 208 row 1, after eeeeverybody an their uncles had already had their pick. If I am looking for season tickets again definitely working with another rep.
As long as demand for reasonably priced seats exceeds supply I guess one needs to get lucky to get some
To debunk the "just a business" idea:

So I debated revealing this because I feel it may anger some who wound up without tickets. I posted earlier about declining the first row gallery seats. I raised my concerns with my rep about not only price but downgrading in future years. I told him I really wanted to get my foot in the door so asked about singles, but none were available. The next morning, I wrote an e-mail asking if I purchased both halves of the season in half season plans w the markup if I could get STH rights. He called me and told me unfortunately that wasn't an option, but he would really try to get me a good half season plan, and that all of his customers that had half seasons last year got season tix this year, so I would be set up nicely for next year by buying a half plan. He called me back later that morning- a pair of row 2 galleries were available, and I immediately took them.

I chalk this up to luck, and to developing a good relationship with him. I called and emailed pretty often. I also used my work email for my account so he asked if my company would be interested in buying a summer intern event (WNBA game package), and I told him I would run it by the people upstairs and circulate it to friends at other companies. I don't think anyone ever bought it, but maybe he just appreciated the effort. Even at the point when he told me only the 1st row seats were available, I had nothing but good things to say about him. He was always super responsive, courteous, and just a friendly guy. I think he bumped me to the top of his list for my level (mini plan last year w a deposit down), based on our relationship.

My advice is to try to make some sort of connection with your rep. I didn't even start with this guy. The guy I started with got a promotion and was transferred, but I think he would have helped me as we'll bc we chatted for a while and it turns out we went to the same high school and just missed each other, as we graduated 4 years apart. Any sort of connection can help.

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