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Name: Sacha

Age: 19 for a few more days

Location: Wales, United Kingdom

Fav All time Bruins: Cam Neely, Bobby Orr, Andrew Ference and Patrice Bergeron-like that even had to be answered!

Fav Current Bruins: Milan Lucic, David Krejci, Tuukka Rask, Brad Marchand, Zdeno Chara and Patrice Bergeron-like that even had to be answered too!

Fav Non Bruin Players: Sidney Crosby, Henrik Lundqvist and Jonathan Toews-I respect them as players. I guess I can add Andrew Ference to this category too...

Fav Movies: Dr Strangelove, Finding Nemo, Wreck-It Ralph-sorry they're not hockey movies.

Music: Lots.

Hobbies: Used to be hockey, but I got hurt a good-well, nearly 2 years ago now and... Well, I was forced to hang up my stick at the age of 17. Now I punt, pitch and play video games. Hope to get back into hockey soon-after my physical therapy is complete, after all, it was an ACL strain not post concussion.

Fav food: Everything providing it's not meat or vegetables.

Fav Beer: I drink vodka. And occasionally whiskey. Yes, I am a girl.

Fav Bruin moment/how I became a fan: I'd have to say I became a hardcore B's fan and it was after game 7 against the Leafs. I wasn't doing so well in college, fell right behind with little-to-no hope of catching up and I woke up the morning after to find the B's would next be facing the Rangers. I saw Bergeron and his improbable and miraculous goals against the Leafs on BruinsBeat and it gave me hope and inspired me. When the B's succeeded on the ice, I succeeded academically. When the B's struggled on the ice, I struggled academically. Over the course of the playoffs, the B's and I became oddly intertwined and I got to thank Bergy for that. He gave me hope in my darkest time, at a time when I was thinking of ending it all, at a time I needed it most. He may never know it, but Patrice Bergeron saved my life AND got me through to my final year of college. Thank you Bergy.

How long I have been a B's fan: Casual, since 2001. Hardcore, since the morning after Game 7 against the Leafs.

Origin of screen name: Cutie-I wanted to be girly. Lemon-I love 30 Rock. 07-I was born on August 7th.

Jerseys owned: None-yet... Well, that's a lie-I had a Nordiques jersey as a toddler, I just don't know what happened to it... So yeah, none.

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