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07-14-2013, 12:11 AM
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Originally Posted by JCrusty View Post
I say again, why are we trying to trade away DZ? He's on a great contract as of now while we deal with this low cap ceiling, he has potential to be a great player, he's made strides to get to where he is now and he loves playing in NY and despite there being others on defense that can contribute offensively, he's the only one who can be considered an offensive play making defenseman.
1)Half the defense is never given a chance to develop their offensive skills since they must play the stay at home style.

2)When DZ was at his best offensively his +/- really suffered. There is still doubt about whether he can be a two way player. Right now he is an either or.

3)Think about how much teams will offer for a future Norris trophy winner? To me the Rangers are a bubble team. Trading DZ for potential offense now, might be the way to go while Lundy is at the top of his game. An improved PP is the key to the teams progress. If you dangle DZ and only receive modest offers than it's only this board who believes in DZ's potential and not the Gm's.

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