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07-13-2013, 11:27 PM
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White Plains Batman real name is Mike

Where are you from:
Born in Nassau County Long Island but been living in Westchester and defending it for just over 20 years

How old:

Rangers fan since:
Late 80s. My uncle was a big hockey fan growing up and would always tell me stories about the Rangers and Islanders wars of the early to mid 80s. There was a feud between Cabelvision in Long Island and MSG and the games weren't on for most of a season (87-88 I believe) so once I found out the games were on, I started watching and the rest is history.

First Rangers match you attended:
On the road it was against the Islanders at Nassau, a 4-2 defeat before the 1991-92 All Star game. I remember Richter started and Ogrodnick and Amonte scored. I finally made it to MSG in 2000 and saw them play the Caps. Since I've got out of college I try to go to about 2-4 games every year and a road trip every two or three years.

Favorite Ranger:
I loved Sandstrom before he was traded. Then it was Leetch, Richter and Gartner. Then Tikannen, then York. Since the Lockout it's been Henrik, Cally, McD.

Best Ranger moment:
So many. Winning the Division in 1989-90 and beating the Islanders in the playoffs. The entire 1991-92 season, The 1994 playoffs. Since the lockout the 2005-06 season because of what it represented, the game three 7-0 drubbing of Atlanta, the Winter Classic 2012, and winning the Atlantic Division last season.

Former Rangers you miss:
Artem Anisimov for sure. Really one of the prospects I paid close attention to from the day he got drafted. I even asked him a few questions on the BeyondTheBlueshirts website while it was still active.

Any non-Rangers you like:
I know it's trendy now but Kopitar. He's like the most under-appreciated superstar in the league. Jason Pomminville. Dustin Byfuglien. Marcus Krueger. Gabriel Landeskog.

Any other sports:
New York Football Giants for sure. I try and follow the Mets but not as crazy as the Rangers or Giants. I've been getting back into basketball so the Knicks too.

How did you find HF Boards:
I think from HockeyBird or the Hockeyrodent I was redirected to here from a link, after the Sykora trade I think. Been hooked (too hooked!) ever since and when things get intense at work, this place is the best breather.

How do you watch Rangers games:
Usually at home alone yelling at the TV in a very intense zone. I do try and go to the city and meet up with some friends every now and then but it can never be background or I don't do it. My last g/f was very cool about me watching games at her place even though she didn't really have a hockey background. She even joked about sending Frolov a get well card the next season

I don't really have a favorite HFer, you all bring something unique to the table and even though we argue and sometimes get on each other, it's all out of a love for this team. It would mean very much to me seeing this group win a Cup together.

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