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07-13-2013, 11:52 PM
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Some curious numbers.

31K announced as attendance today. This figure of course being paid attendance. I doubt 12K of those people bothered to show up or stuck around. Kinda hard to stick around for 3hrs of pouring rain while your team puts 3 pts on the board.

Get this as well. This offense put 3 pts on the board in a game in which they scrimmaged starting from the opposition end 4 times. Twice they took over the ball in FG position. Think about how absolutely pathetic an offense has to be to *accomplish* that.

97 passing yds tonight. Somewhere Steven Jyles is drunk and pissing himself laughing. 70 yds rushing tonight with most of that From Reilly scrambling for his life with no receivers in his area code.

Passes attempted: 23, yes we threw 23 passes to gain 97 yds..

longest completion: 18yds. lmfao. Somebody ask every receiver, in a game in which this was our longest catch why the **** they're running downfield 40 yds on most downs.

Most yds for any Esks receiver. 28. I wish I was making this stuff up.

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