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Originally Posted by PokeCheck101 View Post
It's 22.5K a year plus up to 5k more for bantam hockey... So the 25K quoted earlier is correct. The financial assistance is on a NEED basis. The committee clearly has final say, therefore not everyone gets the assistance. The bursaries are not re-payable and there is some requirement to seek corporate/private sponsors. Bottom line is it costs a ton of money. Period. If you wish to spend it, your choice... I know student athletes with immaculate grades, high honor roll, top 3-5 % of their age scholastically who attend hometown high schools too where no one pays anything more than regular school fees. So, I guess I personally would have had a hard time coughing up that much cash when the same results can be obtained right at home and playing AA bantam. Not to mention the same kids either have jobs or work the family farm... You give me a hard working rural kid with sound scholastic ability and some good hockey talent, there's a kid you can work with... Sometimes not so much with a player who perhaps is more privileged. Those that go to ND and the like who do require assistance, good for them and I would wish them all the best in study and sport and good on the parent(s) for sacrificing for their child.
Not all families can afford to send thier kid to ND. But some families make sacrifices so he or she can go. It is not about who has the most money that can send thier child there. It is about families who want the best for thier child that will not get it where they are living now. And that is right from the type of schooling they are getting now and the coaching etc also. There is a point in a players/persons life that they have to move on to the next level. Whether it is hockey, education or whatever they are pursuing. Some of these rural kids you are talking about do indeed have part time jobs or help out on the family farm. They are doing this so they can go to prep schools or whatever road they want to take. It seems to get lodged in people minds that sending your kid to POE,ND or wherever means that you have a never ending money pit. This is not always the case. It is a sacrifice the whole family makes in order for the athlete/student to go to these places. Each family has thier own reasons as to why they want to go this route. And alot of the times it is things that they can no longer get where they are living now(rural Sask).

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