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07-14-2013, 12:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
One of the things I detailed exhaustively last year is how inexperienced, and how ordinary, our receiver pac was. None of these guys other than Stamps has been stellar anywhere. None of them have appreciable yds anywhere else. None of them have appreciable TD catches anywhere else. This is just a **** poor Reciever pac.

How does a QB toss 250-300yds when he's got a bunch of targets that just don't get open, just don't produce catches, yards, move yardsticks. This is a dead offense for a reason.

People keep saying one of these guys is going to jump up and be impressive. Who? Koch and Stamps thats it. I'd cut the rest and start over with some imports. Coohoern is beyond useless. One on one in the flat all day, all year, all last year, and can't break a tackle to save his life. I don't know Coohoern has a dozen first downs in his career here.

How do you create, maintain any offense with all these duds as targets?
I dont think its that simple.

Charles ran the ball a grand total of 10 times today. He ran the ball a grand total of 11 times last week.

The obvious question is why?

As an will never get me to agree that the offensive debacle last year had more to do with the receivers than Jyles. Best you stick with this season.

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