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Originally Posted by guymez View Post
I dont think its that simple.

Charles ran the ball a grand total of 10 times today. He ran the ball a grand total of 11 times last week.

The obvious question is why?

As an will never get me to agree that the offensive debacle last year had more to do with the receivers than Jyles. Best you stick with this season.
You should look at what I've been telling you to look at for the last 13mths. Other than Stamps who do we have? We went into last season with Koch with a career high of 299yds in a season. Henry with a career high of 384yds in a season, Coohoern with a career high of 100 yds in a season. Carter with a career high of 230yds in a season, Chambers a raw rookie.

Think about that a moment. It is what it is. Its Fred Stamps and the scrubs in 2012. Did you know that Koch, our second best receiver had 700 yds in 3 seasons of college football and only 3TD's.

These guys are virgins sacrificed at the alter every week. To say these guys are easy to cover is understatement. This is the most brutal group of Recievers I've ever seen on a pro club. Anytime Stamps isn't in the lineup its an automatic guaranteed debacle and everybody should just stay home. You know I'm right with that statement and events bare me out. Fred stamps and the pretenders.

ps, half these scrubs actually managed to have career years last season. So they actually overperformed last year. lol Our QB's desperately tried to make some lemonade out of this sorry bunch.

You won't find many completions, much passing yds, many first downs, with a reciver core this abysmally weak. I'm amazed anybody thinks this is enough. People should be disgusted that this is our group of starting receivers.

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