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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I'm kind of past criticizing greedy players because its not a subset of the species, it is the species.
Its an excellent point, and one I sometimes forget.
I don't hold this view of player worth. A lot of players that never win the SC are winners in my mind. Joe Thornton is a winner.
Partly agree, partly disagree. Obviously all NHL players are winners to some extent - certainly when compared with regular Joes like myself. But I dunno that I'd consider Thornton a winner. Are the Sedins winners? Is Alfredsson a winner? I kind of think not if we are talking about their NHL careers .... and I certainly wouldn't consider Kovy a winner. Maybe he can win something in the KHL, I suppose that would be nice for him.
No, but exlusivity is dead and done. Both contractually, marketing, world rights etc. Don't think for a moment either that an American Broadcaster may be seduced by a future KHL or Eurasia based league. American broadcasters have kind of always thumbed their noses at the Canadian loaded player talent in NHL while waxing on about any import player.
Wait so are you saying you think an American broadcaster would pick up the rights to an overseas league? The bolded doesn't seem to follow with the rest of your thought ... or maybe I'm not reading it right. I seriously doubt that any overseas hockey games will ever catch interest in North America - even the NHL is still a minor sport. Do you think Americans really want to watch a game between some club teams from Kazakhstan?
The bolded is irrelevant. I mentioned the clear shifts that taking place in the world. Countries that don't produce great players worth watching will simply have the bucks to pay them to come.
Again I'm having trouble picking up what you are laying down here. Baseball, for which the Japanese have traditionally gone crazy, is no longer televised in Japan because it just didn't draw the viewers. No soccer either except on local channels. The "hockey" league started between Japan, China and ROK has been a dismal failure and teams are folding left and right. The only league that might ever rival the NHL would be a KHL + SEL + Finnish Elite league combination. Do you honestly see that happening in our lifetime? I don't.

Lots of NHL players appear to do this. Why so critical of this one? Just curious. You're generally more objective than me but in this instance you don't like this player or at least thats what I'm sensing.
I admit I never liked Kovalchuck. Lazy player on a crappy team. What's to like?

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