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07-14-2013, 01:16 AM
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Originally Posted by BlueDream View Post
Yeah I remember that article and it was somewhat surprising to read, but I don't think Berglund "breathes" hockey. I think he just finally realized that that's what he's SUPPOSED to be doing in the NHL.

I remember there was an interview with him and Sweden, and I saw it translated (pretty sure it was posted on here a few months ago maybe) and he basically said when he came here as a rookie he was just all about having fun and partying, and he didn't focus enough on hockey. But now he's learned how to be a professional.
When he was still in Sweden, he hired a sports therapist to help him develop a better mindset for pressure and being a team leader. In the hockey world (I mean the real hockey world, not fans), if I recall correctly, people thought that was a mature and forward-thinking approach and that it spoke well of Berglund's drive.

Because of that, I think his partying here was more about getting distracted and falling into a culture of it as opposed to not knowing better in the first place. Some people can party and still perform or are good at hiding the side effects. Witnessing that can trick someone into making mistakes that are more detrimental to them.

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