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07-14-2013, 01:40 AM
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Where are you from:
Long Island

How old:

Rangers fan since:
My whole life, but the earliest I specifically remember was 1998ish. I remember vividly Gretzky's last game. I became a diehard specifically those late 90's to early 00's. I grew up with the Rangers sucking. We had season tickets and I was obsessed even though the teams sucked.

First Rangers match you attended:
The first I remember was the first game in 2001, after 9/11 when they wore the jerseys that said New York across the front and Messier came out with the fireman helmet on, I was there.

Favorite Ranger:
Mike Richter. I idolized the guy, he's the reason I became a goalie. My dad used to tease me so bad, when Richter was rumored to be going to Nashville. He would chant "Khabi-bulin" at me saying that Khabibulin was coming to the Rangers.

Best Ranger moment:
I went to Mike Richter night with my dad. That was awesome. Grown men were crying all around me. That is my favorite in person. Also was at the 4th game in the playoffs in 06 when we got swept by the Devils. That was nice because they saluted the crowd and everyone went nuts. We went from a team picked to be dead last and made the playoffs. Also when I was a kid, I think the 00-01 season, my uncle who has connections arranged for my brother and me to go into the locker room after the game and meet the players. I have pictures with so many players like Graves, Fleury, Richter, Leetch and everyone else from the team like Sylvain Lefebvre, Rich Pilon, Eric Lacroix and those legends lol. Also have a pic with Sam and J.D and coach Ron Muckler. Also have a jersey autographed by everyone on the team, had them sign right on it as I wore it. I wore it to every game too until I outgrew it, it has stains all over it lol. My favorite lately is Richards' tying goal with 6.6 left. I was sitting there on the couch so mad that they weren't doing anything, they had no sustained pressure the last 10 minutes. I was complaining so bad, wanted to shut it off, then he scored. I jumped and yelled so loud, my heart rate didn't slow down until Staal scored lol.

Former Rangers you miss:
I was a huge Gaborik fan and I miss Arty, I really liked him Dubinsky too. I loved Tyutin, Ortmeyer and Straka a lot too.

Any non-Rangers you like:
Love Tavares, I hate that he's on the Islanders. I'm a big fan of Patrice Bergeron too. Ironically two of my favorite players in the league were Brad Richards and Rick Nash before they were Rangers.

Any other sports:
Well, I consider myself a fan of the Yankees, Giants and Knicks. But I'm a casual fan to those sports. I'm not heart broken when they lose. Hockey is my favorite sport and really the only sport I care about so for me it's 99% Rangers.

How did you find HF Boards:
I read on a lot and someone over there mentioned hfboards (i think they mentioned the stupid trade proposals) so I came over here and enjoyed the conversation. Now it's probably my most visited site.

How do you watch Rangers games:
On the couch. Occasionally go to a bar with friends or to friends' houses to watch but I like watching at home more for some reason. I'm not a recluse but I like watching at home and paying attention most games. I know so much about hockey and obsess over the Rangers so much that I find the need to watch the games at home and analyze.

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