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Originally Posted by thinlizzy View Post
Yup, I thought the same thing watching Bruins vs Chi town, thinking our team is so far from playing at this level.

are you kidding me i have been a hockey fan for 30+ years and i can say this - its probably the first time in history that the game is so watered down. You can look at rosters and see that the players are bigger, stronger, faster, but every lineup has about 6-8 guys who wouldn't have been good to play on teams farm clubs let alone nhl teams in the past. Basically the over pricing of stars coupled with having to pay even more for bottom fringe players means stars on any team are getting 2/3rds of the teams money, with having to fill rosters with fringe nhlers.

Last year (NJ & LA) and this year (Bos & Chi) reconfirmed for me that you need to have a deep team, but not necessarily a very talented team, and I emphasize talent.

I mean take off the homer glasses most of these teams had guys even in there cup wins who were floaters. I mean did you see Toews stats in the playoff games he has played? Chara made multiple blunders in the final 3 games.
When L.A. won or for that matter when Boston won it was goaltending, and stifling defense.

The only team I will say who didn't have an outerworldly performance from a player was chicago in this years win. Boston, and L.A. respectively had Quick and Thomas played Patrick roy (for the former) and Dominek Hasek like (for the latter) performances. These were solid teams, but if these teams matched up to the early Avalanche, of the 90's or even the stars, devils, of those days they would have all been swept.

Do you seriously think Corey Crawford is an NHL goalie who gives a **** he won a cup. 5 you counted glove side shots beat him, remember how Conklin got treated for one blunder (obviously cost the team game).

Really to win a cup you need 2 talented lines, (filled with multiple guys who can win faceoffs), and a bottom of collection guys that won't cost you goals and can wear down the competition. For D you need one or 2 if your lucky guys who can play in all situations (pk, pp, even strength) and once again a collection of guys who can give 10-12 min a night. For goaltending the exception of Quick, Thomas, and Ward. You need timely saves not an all star even a star goaltender. Though honorable mentions to the likes of guys like niemi.

there is a reason why there has been no repeats and why there is always new teams able and ready to win a cup.

When i look at the Oilers if they do it right this could be a building of a dynasty. Not being a homer either, but they are actually assembling a team that will be always seeing an increase salary cap, while having guys under contract, and still able to develop new talent.

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