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Originally Posted by Bergeron47 View Post
MacT has singled out Detroit & Chicago as systems to follow. Problem is, there are still major roles in their rosters that we haven't got.
The Blackhawks are the Blackhawks because of 3 main factors.
1. Their deadly top-6
2. Their superior ability to transition the puck using their d-men
3. The offensive effectiveness of their bottom-6
I think we can match number 1, but we're still vastly inferior in 2 & 3. We don't have a Keith OR a Seabrook. If we're lucky Schultz & Klefbom can be that tandem, I just worry it will take too long for them to develop into those roles.
As for 3, I think it's achievable it we were more aggressive in the FA market. We CAN afford Penner, Mueller, Latendresse we COULD HAVE afforded Lapierre, Bouchard, MacArthur, Cooke. I think we could have done ten times better this offseason in filling the bottom 6.
Agreed about #3, but the bottom 6 forwards you need to draft and when they get too expensive you need to let them move on. How many of those guys were brought in as free agents?

I like our draft this year, I think we picked up a few guys that could play bottom 6 minutes for us. IF we used free agency money on 3rd and 4th line guys all the time, we won't be able to keep our big name guys.

We NEED a guy this year, but our team has to start drafting better and getting a few guys that can play bottom 6 roles

With that being said... in a few years our top 6 should match up well. With our D prospects, we could match up well to Chicago too. I think Dubnyk > Crawford already. And that leaves the bottom 6, I think they did a decent job the last 2 years of maybe getting a few guys who could fill those roles, now we just need to hope they pan out.

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