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07-14-2013, 03:21 AM
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Originally Posted by SlapshotSuperstar View Post
scrums take place after the whistle. Its not a part of playing hockey because the play has stopped. When the team asked him to play more physical, he stepped up his game to a top40 bodychecker from a top50 body checker the previous season. He is a leader in blocked shots as well.. He has stepped up his physicality and the stats prove that.

Speaking of fights...the oilers only had one guy with more than 1 fight last year.. Brown, and he barely won half his fights 3 wins 2 draws 2 losses... Petry was not the only one who did not win his fight last season but at least he was one of the only 7 oilers who actually tried to have an NHL fight.

You cant say what type of person someone is when they are in front of a video camera either.. so you cant say what he is like by nature..

all of your factoids thusfar have been based merely on speculation therefore i cannot comment any further. Have a good night.
And you are basing everything on hits. If hits are the best sign of aggression then Clutterbuck is the most aggressive bad ass in all the land. Petry dishes out sometimes hard but clean hits and that's great, I like that part of his game and I'd like to see even more of it. I am a Petry fan, a big one in fact. That said he is not aggressive by nature, no one has ever mistaken him for a guy like Fistric for example. Does this look like an aggressive guy to you?

THIS is aggressive.

Originally Posted by PeakOil View Post
Do you remember Petry's fight? IIRC, he looked like a frightened child and wouldn't even drop his gloves, even after beginning to get pummeled. His physical play basically ends with throwing a couple of really nice hipchecks. He is nothing like Smid or Ference.

And I like Petry. But he's cut from the same cloth as Paajarvi and Gilbert were, ie: not a confrontational or physical player in the least.
I agree except he's more physical that either of those guys (Maggie and Tammy) but he's closer to their mentality than Ference that's for damn sure. IMO he'd do well playing alongside a guy like Coburn knowing that someone had his back and could dish out a beat down if there was a scrum in the crease.

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