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07-14-2013, 03:41 AM
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Originally Posted by BlowbyBlow View Post
I agree with everything you say hear your preaching to the choir.

i think people have this "ideal team" to win with; like the 80's oilers/islanders, or the early 90's penguins/ followed by the avalanche/wings/devils team.

Now its painfully obvious that every team has some sort of flaws. I was just saying if you look at Chicago - Crawford played like ****, in fact i would go as far as if they lose the cup he's not even a starting goalie and could easily follow the descent of Phillies goalie from 2010

Boston had 2 rookie d-man in krug, hamilton, at least they had chara, ference, seidenberg, and others. they had so many passengers on forward in the end it wasn't even funny, same as Chicago where a few stepped up after.

I just feel fan bases over value what other teams and don't value what they have. At this point this team is more of an envy of most teams than you like to think. There is probably about 15 teams (obviously 15th to 30 th place teams) that would rather take this roster then there own. Its not that far off, if this team can't do what CBJ did last year, then you have to question heart and desire over talent, and perseverance.
Exactly, Columbus was all heart last year. For some reason, we don't have that. It's more important than getting a PWF IMO.

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