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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I don't hold this view of player worth. A lot of players that never win the SC are winners in my mind. Joe Thornton is a winner. Somebody imminently successful at imo the hardest sport to play in the world and at the absolute top of his craft. A generational talent. I do also think SC teams often involve some player here, player there serendipity. If Bickell for instance doesn't play out of his mind fantastic in first two rounds and be the most dangerous Hawk on the ice this SC pure and simple doesn't happen. Theres almost always some unlikely unsung contributions that seperate winning from losing. In a team sport winners and losers are rarely defined individually.
Absolutely, in fact if you watched only game 6 of this SC or final 3 games you would have thought Toews, Kane, and there top guys were world beaters. Thornton still is invited to the Olympics and other events outside of the NHL. Very fine line between winning and losing, and also being at the right place at the right time. I would cite Osgood, and Penner in these two instances guys playing on great teams, catch lightning in the bottle.

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
The bolded is irrelevant. I mentioned the clear shifts that taking place in the world. Countries that don't produce great players worth watching will simply have the bucks to pay them to come. Theres going to be some league expansion, more notoriety, and player raids. This pretty much a given. NHL has had their exclusivity for about as long as thats going to happen. Hockey is marketable after all.
While this may have some merit. The NHL still has the notoriety for being the oldest league of the 4 major sports in North America. This absolutely has the psychological influence of current and future people/players around the world who watch/play hockey. Its become the gold standard and made the distinction of being the best players in the best league as gary bettman likes to say. Also winning a stanley cup still gives most players more international acclaim than many would like to think. I remember years ago Jiri dopita a guy who played his whole life in europe felt like he had to prove he could play in this league, so it certainly hasn't lost cache on people who have never been immersed in the culture of the best of the best

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
As far as the US yeah, probably a stretch. Just kind of pisses me off historically that Canadian players are considered hacks in the US, by US broadcasters who fawn over any import players all day any day. In an NHL league composed of 60% Canadian players its a joke how little focus any of them get in US based telecasts.

I almost think Russian, Swede Czech hockey imported to the US to play against americans players and team would be a far bigger sell in the US than the NHL. Just subtract all the Canadian filler and they'd somehow eat it up.

ps I don't particularly like Kovy either.
The NHL in the u.s will always have the canada vs u.s angle too it , so you have to point it out more about being that its a rivalry and so a u.s. based channel isn't going to exactly fawn over the great talent to the north.

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