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07-14-2013, 09:26 AM
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Originally Posted by PredsV82 View Post
Still don't get the angst over the fact that we have an "8 million dollar 4th line"

As I have said before, its not your money, why do you care? As long as spending that money doesn't keep us from signing a skilled player later then it is of no concern..

The question the OP apparently wont answer is would the Preds have been better off signing nobody and sticking with the roster we had? Because all of specualtion about who we cfould have had instead is pretty useless. Nobody knows if Filpulla would have signed here for any amount... same goes for any of his other suggestions.

The only move that Poile didn't make that we know he could have was taking Grabo on waivers. The fact that 29 other GMs passed on that same option tells me it was probably the right call.
When your team is starved for offense and you spend money on 4th line grinders that's a mismanagement of funds. Since you're a doc imagine where you work says we need more docs but instead hire more nurses. Doesn't make any sense does it.

As a paying fan it is my money that goes to paying part of these salaries and as a fan base what does it tell us, look, we're spending money, on players that don't require those sorts of salaries.

For the most part, this team has been an offensive wasteland. We had a few years where we could put up numbers and even then people didn't think we were that good offensively.

I'm not saying we shouldn't have signed the guys we did, I just wish the money was better spent on top 6 talent while adding some grit without the huge salaries. We could've signed 2 $5 million forwards and 2 $1 million grinders for basically what we paid 4 pretty average guys.

And the term of those contracts will bite us if we try to add talent or trade these awesome 4th line grinders.

I hear these guys are quality locker room types, how many of those do we need? Are Weber, Fisher, Klein and Legwand not enough of a leadership group? Does everyone need to be a leader and good locker room presence. Get good leaders, find guys that will follow them in to battle every night and call it a day.

And I asked this the other day and no one answered, name me another team that has an $8 million 4th line. So what if it's not my money as you keep putting out there, I don't see any other GMs doing this so either Poile is a genius or other GMs are wiser when putting rosters together.

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