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07-14-2013, 10:07 AM
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Where are you from:
Born in Queens, raised in LI

How old:
28 in two weeks

Rangers fan since:
I was indoctrinated by my father since before I could walk

First Rangers match you attended:
1990 Rangers v Penguins. You can guess who won that one.

Favorite Ranger:
Adam Graves. First one to stick up for a teammate, last one off the ice. Lucky enough to attend a meet and greet w/him a few years back, only two other people there so got to talk hockey with my only sports hero.

Best Ranger moment:
The Cup

Meeting Messier on Messier Night - Me and a friend sitting in the 400s, we hear a weird commotion up behind us I turn around and Mess is standing there with a giant smile, his hands held out like Jesus, and people draped all over him. I climbed up the chairs and grabbed a piece of his hand. He had been going around the 400s by elevator to surprise fans. It was a religious experience.

Former Rangers you miss:
Bure, Barnaby, Avery, Zubov, Domi

Any non-Rangers you like:
Lucic, Emery, Mike Richards, Evander Kane, Roenick, Ciccarelli, Hasek

Any other sports:

How did you find HF Boards:
Probably looking up who the **** Hugh Jessiman was

How do you watch Rangers games:
Listening to this in my head

Still get goosebumps

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