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07-14-2013, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by here come the View Post
Are we really going to criticize Kruger's offense when he started like 70% of his shifts in his own zone? Too lazy to look up the actual numbers on how greatly that effects point totals, but when Brandon Pirri is getting 65% OZ starts and putting up some points, it doesn't mean he's some god while Kruger has no offensive talent. Its really hard to score when you start so far away from where the puck needs to go
Originally Posted by AbeLincolnsGhost View Post
How are Kane's hands? I've seen him **** that up plenty of times.
I base Kruger's lack of offensive game on observation of what he does with the puck in the O-zone. I see no slick stickhandling, certainly not a big shot, just not many offensive instincts/skills, regardless of where his shifts start or end.

It's funny that someone indicated that play was demonstrative of Kruger's good hands when it actually supports exactly the opposite.

Kane screw some of them up? Yup, Sharp screw some of them up? Yup. But there's also plenty of evidence of them finishing a whole bunch of 'em. Kruger?

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