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Originally Posted by Shockmaster View Post
Ever since the Penguins got swept out of the Eastern Conference Finals I've been wondering - why do Penguins fans and Steelers fans act so differently after disappointments?

Take Penguins fans for example - after getting swept out Penguins fans demanded huge changes. They wanted Bylsma and Fleury out (some even wanted Shero gone) and some fans even questioned if Mario really valued winning. There was a sense that despite the fact the Penguins got further in the playoffs than 26 other teams, this was a deeply flawed team that needed a shake-up.

Steeler fans on the other hand seem to be scared to death of change. After a disappointing 8-8 season, Steeler fans seem to think it was all because of breaks and bounces. They think that the Steelers front office and ownership is always right and should never be questioned. If you do question it, you'll likely be called a Ravens fan, a Browns fan, an Arians lover, or you'll get homophobic slurs thrown in your face. Never you mind the Haley offense was no better than the Haley offense, Art Rooney II likes it so he's right!

I realize not all Penguins fans are Steelers fans and visa versa, but still, how can a fanbase react so differently after disappointments from their sports teams?
Steelers regularly have playoff success, the Penguins have not.

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