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10-28-2006, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by sposman View Post
I dunno. Desire and consistancy are two very different things. They've proven that when they play up to their abilities against teams like the Leafs, bruins, etc. they will easily out play them. They did so tonight in the 10-15 minutes they bothered to show up.They have desire, just not the consistancy. Maybe they just desire to not be consistant over 60 minutes
Agreed. At last a fellow hab fan with some sense. There are teams out there who have desire, but not the talent and vice versa. In our case the desire isn't anywhere near where it should be. IMO tonight's game shouldn't have been a problem for our Habs. This leafs team is rebuilding and has a depleted defense core that we luckily took advantage of late in the third when they decided to show up. I would also like to say the Leafs goaltending is not to be desired either and we failed miserably tonight to capitalize on that.

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