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10-28-2006, 11:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Nash13 View Post
But again, we ALL know this already, so honestly what is the point. You could have easily put this in the game thread, but no we have to add another thread to the list like "carbs the racist" and crap like that.

You're so transparent its not funny, we see the agenda.
Are you born dumb or you just had a cerebral accident ?

This didn't belong to a particular GDT.

It's a freaking internet board about the Habs. Can't we discuss the players and their particular skills ?

Oh maybe we should just create GD threads so the board would be ultra clean. Would it make you happy ?

znk brought an interesting point to the discussion while your post was just useless crap.

I hate those who are pretentious enough to think they can dictate which subject deserves or not a new thread.

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