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07-14-2013, 01:45 PM
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Sorry for the length of this, but Blum’s comments irked me. For Blum to imply that he didn’t get to play on the PP in Nashville is just wrong. To say he was only getting 14 minutes playing time in his last season may be true, but it ignores how he got down to 14 minutes.

After he played well after being called up in 2010-2011, ending the year on the 2nd pair at ES and on the 2nd PP unit , the coaches seemed to trust him at the start of the 2011-2012 season. He was given increased PK time, while remaining on the 2nd pair at ES and on the 2nd PP unit. When he didn’t perform well, he was sent down to the AHL. And by the time he earned another chance in 2013, he had slipped to the 3rd pair at ES with little to no PK time - but he was still given 2nd unit PP time to show his PP prowess.

After reading his complaint, I thought maybe he was eventually taken off the PP and I just didn’t remember. So, I checked his last 10 games in 2013. And there were 3 games in his last 10 when he didn’t get PP time, but in 2 of those 3 the Preds had 0 PP time as a team. He led the team in 1 game with 3:30 in PP time (yes, more PP time than either Weber or Josi). In 1 game he was 2nd to Josi in PP time. 4 times he was 3rd – behind Josi and Weber. And once he was 4th. So, even down to his last 10 games, he was still on the 2nd PP unit. In some of those games he didn’t get a lot of PP time, but you can’t blame the coaches for lack of PP time if the team is only getting 2 – 6 minutes of PP time a game. And surely, he doesn’t think he had earned 1st PP unit playing time, does he?

BTW, in those last 10 games in his ill-suited “shutdown defenseman” role that he says Trotz had him playing, he had 0 PK time in 9 games and 0:25 in 1 game.

Below are Blum’s playing time averages (compared to other defensemen) during his time in Nashville:

2010-2011 Regular season - 23 games
TOI/G – 17:45 (Ranked 5th – less than Weber, Suter, Klein and Bouillon)
SH TOI/G – 0:28 (Ranked 7th – only Cody Franson and Teemu Laakso (who played 1 game) averaged less)
PP TOI/G – 1:23 (Ranked 4th – only Suter, Weber and Franson averaged more)
Power Play points – 1 (a goal)

2010-2011 Playoffs - 12 games
TOI/G – 18:51 (Ranked 4th – after Suter, Weber and Klein)
SH TOI/G – 0:39 (Ranked 5th – only Franson had less)
PP TOI/G - 1:46 (Ranked 4th – behind Suter, Weber, and Franson)
Power Play Points – 0

2011-2012 Regular season - 33 games
TOI/G – 17:56 (6th – after Suter, Weber, Klein, Josi (who replaced him - 18:23), and Gill)
SH TOI/G – 1:37 (5th - behind Weber, Suter, Klein and Gill)
PP TOI/G – 1:11 (5th– after Weber, Suter, Ellis and Josi (1:20))
Power Play Points – 0

2013 Regular season – 35 games
TOI/G – 14:17 (8th on team – Hal Gill is the only one who averaged less)
SH TOI/G – 0:05 (7th - only Ellis (0:03) and Ekholm (who played 1 game) averaged less)
PP TOI/G – 1:09 (4th after Weber, Josi and Ellis (1:58 before being sent down))
Power Play Points -0

Blum may still find a permanent spot in Minnesota or with someone else. For him, I hope so. But I think it is unfair for him to say he wasn't given a chance in Nashville. He was given the chance to play in all situations. In my opinion, his performance allowed others to pass him on the depth chart - and his performance dictated that it was time to give others the opportunity to succeed that he had been given.

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