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07-14-2013, 04:01 PM
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Pete Judge

Where are you from:
Queens originally, Westbury Long Island now

How old:

Rangers fan since:
Grew up in a Rangers family..watched most of the games with my brother since the time I was a toddler. Had a few years around 10-13 where we didn't have cable and I focused more on my own hockey/lacrosse playing, but then got back into watching in HS and have been a diehard since

First Rangers match you attended:
It was a Rangers/Islanders game at the Coliseum, wish I knew the year but I'm pretty sure it was the 97-98 season. Was never able to afford games growing up, this was a pretty big deal and my first sports game period

Favorite Rangers:
All-Time are Adam Graves and Dave Maloney. Currently, Callahan and Moore

Best Ranger moment:
Vague memories of the 94 cup run, mostly remembering the experience with my family more than the games themselves.

Former Rangers you miss:
Dubinsky, Dawes

Any non-Rangers you like:
Evander and Patrick Kane, Oshie, Dubinsky

Any other sports:
Loves the Knicks and Jets, watch a little Mets but not hyped about it

How did you find HF Boards:
User Jonathan. Was lurking for a long time before I actually started posting

How do you watch Rangers games:
TV usually

Added categories:

Favorite band/artist:
The Fullblast, Judge, Hum

Favorite TV Show:
Trailer Park Boys, Arrested Development, The Wire

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