Thread: Proposal: Jonathon Blum
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07-14-2013, 05:32 PM
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It's funny how much praise Blum got from Crisp for staying in town during the offseason and lockout to work on his game and conditioning and doing what the coaches wanted him to be doing. So it didn't work out for him here. Is it all on Blum? Is it on the organization?

When Peterson was around we were able to develop defensemen left and right and once he left and Horachek came in, who did he develop? Josi was on his way regardless. The kid is a talent. Ellis and Blum have been disappointments so far. Is it them? Was it Horachek? Probably a bunch of both. We will see what Housley brings to the table and if we can become the defense machine again.

And this fan base is fickle beyond belief. One person says something about a player and it's taken as law. How many players have we wanted gone that turned out to be pretty good for us? Lots. How quickly does the fan base turn on a player, extremely fast.

Blum looked good at one point. What happened is anyone's guess. It's a shame because he looked like he was going to be another good one for us. Good luck in Minny. Hope he's able to get it back together.

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