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07-14-2013, 05:41 PM
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I wrote a long post on Committed Indian about 19's injury.

I was at game 5 and I have played hockey, and so does my best bud that was with me.

No way would I believe someone telling me 19 was "ok" and "just fine".

I agree with best Capt in NHL and he won't talk about it. In OT in GAme 5 after he want to the locker-room, he dropped his stick 4 times in the next 2 shifts, I watched it on tivo the next day to make sure I counted right at the game. I was off by one lol.

Anyway, yeah 19 was hurt. He had several plays a hockey player that is 100% healthy would do, and he didn't even try. He shot one where he HAD to shoot it and we both laughed saying we could shoot it harder, and we stink. Then we got sad after he proved to us he was messed up.

I saw him with ice on a wrist, as others have reported.

Doesn't matter now, but a hand problem is a major deal to a hockey player. Thanks for posting this. Great pic and explains a lot to me anyway.
Thanks again.

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