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Originally Posted by nullterm View Post
Bauer Next 600.

My Reebok 6K's finally gave in when the laces tore right through the top eyelet and boot. So decided to upgrade and try out the new Bauer Nexus line. The Supreme and Vapor never fit my weird shaped feet, and I've always wanted Bauers but had to stick with Reebok and CCM due to fit. But the Nexus fit like a glove.

Super comfy! Which is my biggest deciding factor. Great fit for my wide-ish feet after baking, I got 8D's (was 8E for my Reeboks). Once I put in my superfeet insoles they were amazing and pain free.

Support is so much better. I feel like I'm skating in a pair of skates I have no business owning for my skill level, and it might be the placebo effect but feels like they make me a better skater.

Love em! So glad Bauer decided to widen their product line to accommodate different fits.
They didn't really widen their product line that recently. The Nexus (all but the 1000) are the same fit as the previous Bauer Flexlite and Bauer/Nike Flexlite. It's great that you found the right fit. I went from RBK to Flexlites too and the fit was much better.

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