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10-29-2006, 02:56 AM
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I'm sorry guys but I don't agree this time.

I think Murray played very well in the first few games on the season... he blocked a few shots, made some good forechecks.... I'm not saying he hasn't played bad a few games, it's just that I think it's to early to make a definite move like you guys are suggesting. Murray did played bad tonight versus the Leafs, but we need to calm down a little before jumping to conclusion...

the guy has heart, grit and speed... he also doesn't mind stepping up for a teamate and his defensive game is decent at least... what else could you ask to a 4th liner ? He has the tools.

Also, I would say he played as solid as Begin so far ! If there's a thing that is bothering me about hockey in Montreal, it's the whole situation regarding the importance of having a couple of good ''québécois'' on the team... don't get me wrong, I'm 100% québécois, as you can judge by the quality of my english, but I sometimes wonder why langage should be such an important thing when it comes to professional sport... anyway thats just an opinion... like I said don't get me wrong I like Begin a lot, but I wonder if he would be in the heart of the fans that much if he wasn't a good guy from the province. Nobody is talking about his difficult start of the season... at least in Montreal's media world.

(Another example : Perezhogin vs. Latendresse... almost nobody in the medias is talking about giving an offensive role to Perezhogin... right now the only rookie who should have a chance to shine in their opinion is Latendresse... It sucks because medias should pay attention to the things a player can bring when he's ON the ice, not outside !)

On this, I wish you all to enjoy our beautiful sport as much as you can ! ''Nuestro equipo jamas sera vencido'' (for those of you who know the song ''El pueble unido, jamas sera vencido'' - Victor Jara)

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