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07-14-2013, 09:36 PM
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Originally Posted by madgoat33 View Post
He didn't hunt the "kid" down at all. After a string of breakins in the neighborhood, a neighborhood watch guy saw a hooded person walking through the area and followed him. Called the cops, continued to follow him until he was confronted and attacked by the person. Used a gun in self defense. Sucks the dude died, but there is no evidence that zimmerman broke a single law, which you would know if you had followed the case at all past the initial uproar that a white(he's actually hispanic) guy chased down and shot a black teen.

And as for "racists moron", where is your evidence of that?
The Cops told him to stop following him, he's at least responsible for being a 'fake cop' vigilante and not listening to law enforcement.

The reason he was acquitted was because of the prosecution not having tangible evidence, the entire case was circumstantial. There is a BIG difference between being found Not Guilty and Innocent.

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