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07-15-2013, 04:56 AM
Kruger Line=2.5 Men
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Originally Posted by Rahsan View Post
He's not being asked to do much offensively. He has fourth line duties. Kruger has hands, good board play, tough, good around the net, and good vision. He hasn't maxed out. You can't limit him to the fourth line yet.

Are you kidding me????!!!! Kruger's board play typically consists of a few pokes at the puck, and then getting knocked down onto his knees or arse. It easily is the one area that frustrates me most about his play. And unfortunately, he was only marginally better this year than last in this regard. His lower body/core strength has to be comparatively much less than his NHL peers.

As to the rest of your statement, I haven't seen that good vision or hands, where he makes plays and passes that blow me away within the flow of the game. Almost never. He seems ok around the net because that's the only place he can score (credit due for him recognizing this fact), given his NHL minus shot. For a "defensive specialist", his faceoff win percent just sucks. And for those that point to his defensive zone starts and ability to get the puck out of the D-zone, I think any one of our lines would be able to do the same. Sooner or later the puck will leave the zone in a 30-45 second shift. He is definitely commited to the defensive aspect of the game, and positionally and tactically is sound.

Back to the thread topic, he's getting paid what he deserves for the term that he deserves. Any more or longer and I would have been p/o'd. He's a fourth liner, center or winger, who's paid for his pk/defensive role. My guess is that he will be replaced if that's all he brings to the Hawks over the next year or two. If he "breaks out" offensively (and I've not seen any indication in his play that he has the skillset to do so), then he'll be retained. Otherwise, there are too many possibilities in the farm system and via free agency to justify keeping him around beyond those two years.

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