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07-15-2013, 09:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Habs fan here with 2 things:

Big QMJHL fan that sees A LOT of Q games live, on TV and Web. And let me say a couple of things about 2 players you've mentioned.

Petr Straka: I remember that I didn't want the Habs to pick him. Not because he wasn't offensively talented but just because I didn't felt he never was that committed to play an overall game or even go as far as understanding the part of the game where you don't have the puck. I have to be honest though and say that since then, he improved. A LOT. But to suggest that despite what you see in a dev. camp where the main thing you see is his insane offensive skills, he has a shot at a starting NHL lineup is not wise. You have to give him a full year in the AHL. It won't hurt him, WILL clearly helped him and your organization down the road.

Samuel Morin: As far as Morin is concerned, was clearly amongst the ones who improved the most as the season progresses. And frankly, as a scout (I'm not one...just a guy who thinks he could do the job...), progression is one of the most important thing. But then people started to talk about his offensive game? Don't think that he'll ever has one in the higher level. At best, don't know if you see what Tinordi is doing with us when he played, you will see him sometimes pinch and have a shot on net. Will most definately have a great first pass and all....but he's not going to lead your PP. And yes, his wrister has to be worked on such as his overall agility. But I have no dbout that you've got a good one on your hands. Only thing needed for him to know is where is his ceiling.

That's all. P.S. On another guys got 2 of my favorite prospects. Scott Laughton who I think will be a stud and top 6 player. And Robert Hagg.

Thanks, I may break balls about your team being small. But I have to admit I always was a fan of the Habs. Still have my Flower jersey from Doug Lauries shop in Toronto back in the day.

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