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07-15-2013, 10:55 AM
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If they don't win the Cup in 2012 with this magical run in regards to the defense where nobody got injured and everyone just seemed to play and be slotted perfectly, people wouldn't be so hard on Muzzin.

As this year's playoffs showed with Kopitar and Brown, one amazing stretch of games doesn't mean that's how it is always going to be. Martinez was horrible this season and made just as many glaring errors as Muzzin on a pro-rated basis, but Muzzin was a rookie playing his first season on a team defending the Cup as opposed to Martinez who was a rookie on a "oh, that's cute...the Kings think they are good" team. Shortened season no less as well with little-to-no practice time.

I can give Martinez a bit of a break because of the face injury during the lockout, but the guy is a #5 at best on a Cup contender. The way he is talked about on here, you'd think he was a #3 and we just aren't allowing him to blossom or something. I think there is a lot of 2012 goodwill going on here for Martinez followed up by greedy, we-expect-to-win-by-bringing-back-the-entire-Cup-team expectations levied on a rookie in a Muzzin who was not part of the SC squad. While he made rookie mistakes, the way he is talked about on here is ridiculous. We can crap on his rookie season by saying he only had one good month, but each month was so much more important in this shortened season and he was a huge reason why this team was able to finish in 5th. How tight were the standings this year? Kings only finished with 4 more points than 8th place Minnesota. Without that "just one month" from Muzzin, the Kings could have been right there with the '06 Canes or bounced in the 1st round by Chicago, which would of been a complete nightmare for those many posters on this board that feel the need to pollute the main board in regards to people respecting the Kings Cup win.

Anyways, there is no need to trade anybody right now, especially not for some unknown draft pick. You wait until camp and act accordingly unless there are issues with Clifford and Lewis. With Mitchell such an injury risk, I'd keep Martinez and Muzzin. Ellerby can attend as many important events with Kopitar as he wants but he is still waiver fodder and will be used as such.

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