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07-15-2013, 09:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
He had the one outlier season. In the other you're quoting he led Gagner by one point afairc.

A lot of his offense in his big year was attributable to linemates, specific use, offensive zone starts. PP, etc. Getting every plum assignment the club could give him. Not sure why they do that anyway in years when we're not going anywhere as a club and that are clear rebuild years. In the great Lowe tradition we built Eberles stack of cards in that year so that we subsequently overpay him. Horcoff and Hemsky mistake revisited.

Kid has a finish around the net, no doubt about that. But kid is also one dimensional, chronically has astronomical GA while playing with the best players on the team the org can give him.

This is a limited, not rounded player, that only has one specific role, is a winger, not a center, does not play pk, or any other duty and we're paying him an automatic 6M/ longterm. The same as Hall.

That was a shortsighted Tambo contract.
This is ridiculous. You couldn't be any more wrong.

Gagner has a worse GF On/60, worse GA On/60, worse SF On/60 and a worse SA On/60.

Don't give me that BS line mates crap.

Eberle has shown he's more important to the team than Gagner by a fair margin, last year it got close but still Gags isn't there yet.

The only reason Gagner's still around is because he plays center.

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