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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
A sensible coach would have Reilly sitting once in awhile just to regain some focus and composure. By the 3rd quarter it was as if Reilly had forgot how to throw the ball. He was so pissed off, frustrated, and angry by then he was basically shotputting the ball. Balls were dropping 5-10yds short of recievers. He pointed to himself 6 times in the game. But that gets old.

He was rattled and needed to sit for a couple of series. Not like we were doing anything with those series anyways..

Crompton may have made the Leos defenders backoff and respect his ability to throw the longball. He seems better at buying time to get the ball off.
Yeah I noticed that as well. That shotput throw was horrible technique, dont know if it was the weather or the game that had him off but that motion was never going to make for a decent pass.

Like I said Crompton look horrid at the end of the Saskatchewan game but that may have been nerves. We all know though in that situation it would have been Joseph going in to settle things down, not Crompton.

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