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07-15-2013, 10:08 AM
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I couldn't care less if he's penciled top 10 RIGHT NOW....I prefer to wati and see a "2013 draft revisited" in a couple of years and THEN see him in there in due time....LIke I keep saying, it is a great exercice to name the winning taems of the draft one day after and see who should or shouldn't have gone where.....But revisiting drafts is funnier as it's the real score of your draft. How many guys in each drafts ends up top 15 that weren't there at draft day? Plenty....let's wish the big guy makes the list. And people....even if he doesn't....I'd take McCarron at the same exact freakin spot than we picked him. If in the revisitation he doesn't move and hasn't been surpassed, it means it's all good. And in the end, what counts is the job he does WITH US. Some might have more crucial needs in other places than we do. We had a big problem in that department thanks to the last 10 years of this org. who didn't beleive in it. How many big power forwards have we been able to draft and develop over the past so many years?

Which brings the point....before we judge a present organization or scouting group for addressing needs instead of suppose BPA....just remember that sometimes, you have to correct mistakes that were made before. Not always the fault or the problem of the present administration. Just like we've been saying that Gainey didn't have it easy thanks to Houle, well we don't have it easy also thanks to the ones before.

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