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Originally Posted by WhamBamCam8 View Post
That's where you and I differ I guess... I don't want a spot picking selectively tough team...Bruins are the toughest team in the league, when they feel like it... I mean, if you are going to beat up the Dallas, Montreal and Carolinas of the league, but then duck the Buffalos and Tarantas of the league, that just doesn't do it for me..If you can beat em up, then by all means have at it, but ignore the guys who can hit to hurt?...but to each their own... Thornton is a guy who is going to go, remember, it's a different game now...full season, playing the west for the first time in 2 years...those games tend to get rough...lots of fighting...

Where is this knuckle dragger that can't play stuff coming from? Brian McGrattan had 3 goals in 19 games with CAL, same as Chris Kelly over 34 games...Fraser mcLaren had as many goals as Shawn Thornton...There are plenty of tough guys who can fight and play an honest shift...

Anyways this is more about a self preservation for #22 then how tough the Bruins are.
McGrattan had 3 in his first 214 NHL games. Which is more telling?

McLaren had 1 in his first 40 NHL games, and 13 in 200+ AHL games. Neither can play an honest shift to save their live. The game is hockey, toughness comes from your ability to ice guys who are both tough and can contribute to the scoresheet. Has zero to do with your ability to accept or not accept staged fights with the heavies in the league.

If anything, if Thornton's ability to hang in there when needed wanes, the long playoff year and playing in the west would indicate rotating more guys who can play hockey through RW4, not adding another tough guy.

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