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07-15-2013, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Bi Coastal Bawse View Post
It's not about the team getting a knuckle dragging goon to go out there and do staged fights. It's about giving a 36 year old who has fought almost every single HW that his came his way since he joined the team a break. Much like what myself and everyone else has said its not fair for Thornton to have to deal with all the heavies.

Like it was said after Scott pummeled Thornton Buffalo had free reign to do whatever they wanted. They kept running our goalies and even elbowed our prized rookie. It's not about just going out and fighting its about other teams taking liberties with our guys. I saw last season and during the playoffs a lot of liberties were taken against the Bruins.

Look at our 2 main rival teams



Each team has 2 top fighters and a lower tier guy. The Bruins really just have Thornton. Lucic is a star or on the verge of being a star. I don't want to see him going with a Parros or Mclaren. Needs to be on the ice. Same with Chara. Unless something major happens and we need our captain he shouldn't be fighting. Mcquaid's fights last year were very bland. He was getting over an injury. I would only really want him to fight a Parros or Mclaren if he was 100% healthy, bulked up and pissed off. After that who is there? Campbell has heart but isn't a good fighter. Boychuk, Seidenberg and Kelly have fought but aren't big fighters. I don't see anyone else. I don't think it would be the end of the world if the team went and got some big huge enforcer guy to be the 13th-14th forward.

I really don't see the issue. Lucic is the toughest kid in the league and can fight anyone and rarely loses. Thornton can hold his own against the heavies. He will also never fight Parros and vice versa. McQuaid will give a solid go to any middle weights and Chara can stand with anyone until he loses his balance. I see no point in signing a 4th line goon that will play 3 minutes and screw up our system of running 4 lines.

Bruins are successful because we have 4 lines and run them all. A 4th line, 3 minute goon is of no use to this team. John Scott can't fight anyone if noone accepts his challenge for the 3 minutes in the first period he is actually on the ice. Ignore him.

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