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07-15-2013, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Fenian24 View Post
And John Kordic and John Ferguson and Brandon Prust and Lyle Odelien and...get the picture. Habs fans don't hate fighting, they hate watching the Habs get beat up.
which is the funny part.

for years now we've been listening to mont fans cry and wine about how fighting shouldn't be a part of the game, the bruins are just a bunch of goons who cant skate, how classless Lucic is etc etc etc.

hell, start a thread on the fight board involving the bruins and mont. whiners are the first in it trying to rip on the B's.

and the reality is they are fans of exactly what they complain about, but only when its there team doing the pushing and shoving.

its the years of hypocrital garbage like that that has this bruin fan wanting to puke everytime a Montreal fan lambasts lucic or thornton, yet they jump for joy when they trade for a Parros and now alls right with the world.

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