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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Kind of disagree with this.

Its always interesting to watch playoff hockey and see how the good teams play. Largely missing from our lineup are players that limit time and space and close tightly. Both in offensive zone and defensive zone. We end with too many players that are prone to peripheral in their game. Anytime you get an "in the paint" player for one thats always been nervous going there its a good deal. One of the things we really miss is players that will go to the areas in either zones. The hit zones, the battle zones. Years ago Perron was told he had to get to those areas, fight to those areas and he never looked backed, never turned back, and has always been this greasy player with talent that will drive to the net ever since. He didn't need to be told regularly, he didn't need to be told every other week or game..

We have a lot of the latter players that pretend to forget the essential lessons when in fact its a discomfort consistently going to the tough areas. See Hemsky, see Paajarvi, see Horcoff, see Belanger, see whoever. We have a team consisting of several players that play the game with fear. That end up half assing game after game as a result while giving all the right accolades about learning lessons and "we're almost there". We have a Ryan Smyth who I don't even recognize that has become convinced even he shouldn't go to the hard area. Its a lot of an epidemic on this club.

Players like Perron, each time obtained, will nudge this in the right aggressive direction. Aggression isn't about punching someone in the nose. Its about aggressively attacking D and systems DURING play. This org was developing a habit of thinking that what this team needs is fists. What this team needs is verve and swagger.
Swagger is that filthy in your face confidence that allowed the Hawks to take it to teams as much as they do. Its an inate belief in your confidence of imposing your game on opponent all day any day. THAT, in hockey, is effective aggression. you pursue the play, you impose the play, you own the play. The Oilers only flirt with that occasionally and with great result when it happens. The trick to becoming good is learning to do it with consistency and accepting nothing less. This is what good teams and good players know and remember. Perron and Ference are here to impose some of that good team mandate.
Good post. I agree completely. MacT even mentioned Eakins as the type of coach that was able to get alot of what you mentioned out of his players. Gordon is another example of a player that lets it all hang out on each and every shift. They are actually putting pieces in place to help along a culture change rather then just saying we want one and changing nothing. Lets hope it works.

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