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07-15-2013, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by struckbyaparkedcar View Post
It's seems very shortsighted to think that Nashville's FA situation boils down to either signing the exact four players they did or going for another ride on the AHL tweener carousel, that's why I haven't responded to that hypothetical directly.

According to that line of reasoning, the four guys the Predators ended up with were the last available options on Nashville's UFA big board, because it completely removes the possibility that Poile could have done other things with his money (aside from waiver claims). Also, if getting the minor-league fodder out of the lineup was priority #1, why would you not just wait out the rush of terrible signings and pick out one or two bodies out of whoever was left?

Poile did a great job at signing NHL regulars to contracts. He also did a very poor job of getting value for his money. He signed a platter of role players with limited upside and possession/defensive value to at-or-above market value contracts, and his longest term investment is the worst of the bunch.
This is completely speculative. Once the season starts and the players play, their value will be defined. You may believe your assumption that the value =/= to the money spent, based on player role/history, but until they've logged significant minutes on the Predators, under the Predators system, your opinion that they are bad signings from a financial standpoint is just that - your opinion

And I have no problem with varying opinions - it's the point of the forums and things would be pretty dumb if everyone was a Rah-Rah cheerleader over every move, but you're presenting your opinion as fact, often in condescending ways, while having no better clue on how things will look a year, even 6 months from now, than the other posters disagreeing with you.

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