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07-15-2013, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by maplepred View Post
And the ridiculous amount of money lol.

Someone above said stalberg and Cullen together get more points than erat alone. That doesn't matter. We can't have two guys taking two roster spots and doing one guys job.

That's like saying we don't need an 80 point player because fisher and legwand can get 80 combined.

The thread is titled evander Kane because he is a guy I thought we could make a run for. Just an example of an offensive top three player that could potentially be on the trading block that we can make a move for. It could be titled Kane, stastny, Stewart, etc. I think it's a fine thread title, especially if you read first page or so. I don't understand why we keep making new threads on something already deeply in discussions in an existing thread.
Just to clarify, Stalberg and Cullen EACH have more goals then Erat last year, not combined.Cullen had more total points then Erat, Stalberg was 1 behind. The bet that the front office is making is will Stalberg, with the added minutes he's likely to see, be able to match or surpass Erat. I think he will, but time will tell.

And to stay on topic, my concern with Kane is he gets as many goals as assists. While having someone that can score is obviously good, he doesn't seem to make the team better. A good forward will have many more assists then goals.

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