Thread: News Article: (THW) Nashville's Free Agent Flops
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07-15-2013, 01:40 PM
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Originally Posted by struckbyaparkedcar View Post
It's seems very shortsighted to think that Nashville's FA situation boils down to either signing the exact four players they did or going for another ride on the AHL tweener carousel, that's why I haven't responded to that hypothetical directly.

According to that line of reasoning, the four guys the Predators ended up with were the last available options on Nashville's UFA big board, because it completely removes the possibility that Poile could have done other things with his money (aside from waiver claims). Also, if getting the minor-league fodder out of the lineup was priority #1, why would you not just wait out the rush of terrible signings and pick out one or two bodies out of whoever was left?
Nonsense. Poile went out and got the players he wanted that would come here.

The targets weren't just any warm bodies. But that doesn't mean that other targets were better choices.

There are issues with Cullen/Stalberg/Nystrom/Hendricks, I agree. But there are also issues with Filppula, Ryder, Horton, etc, etc, etc.

I challenge you to find anywhere in free agency the home run slam-dunk signing that Poile missed out on.

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