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07-15-2013, 01:48 PM
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The Rangers lacked a few things under Torts.

A strong power play for starters. Actually, I dont even care about having an elite PP but we had a horrible one. And there were no signs in years of change. This ultimately is on Sullivan, but under Torts I believe Sullivan would stay long term. So this needed to be changed.

I think under AV, the team will be better offensively as a whole. They have to be because under Torts the team was quite restricted. Defensemen had to stay back for the most part. Bad line changes, forcing 1 on 2 and no assistance or dump ins which was basically a turn over. I think under AV our offense will be more creative.

I also feel that AV will put players into better positions to succeed.

A more creative, free flowing offense along with better player coaching will result in a better offense. I think Torts ran the best conditioning in the NHL, so its tough to say he AV will come close to that but I hear hes good with players so ultimately I am fine with this.

I think Vancouver and New york are very similar roster wise, so it should be a nice transition.

I also feel that Torts is horrible in managing his roster. He always had hard times with farm league players, or taxi players. I dont like that from a head coach. Coaches should know your available players and other teams players as well.

AV I expect to do his homework.

So I liked Torts, but ultimately think a change was needed.

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