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Originally Posted by Bank Shot View Post
I think people just react to the overrating of Jankowski's skill by Flames fans. There are 9 other players from rounds 1+2 of his draft that outscored him in college last season.


If his skill set and hockey IQ are high end/elite as claimed, then why isn't he using them to rise to the top of his draft class? There's a big disconnection between the verbal about Jankowski and his actual results.
Matt Deblouw outscored Mark Jankowski last year and he is not even in the same stratosphere in terms of skill level or talent.

I know this because I have seen both players play head to head.

I will tell you for a fact that of those nine players that outscored him, none of them experienced the jump up in competition that Jankowski did. Not only that but a players like Di Giussepe and Hart are essentially an entire year older, and one of them was playing in his second collegiate year.

This will become a slight concern if it happens again next year, but until then there are far to many factors that determine the production levels of freshmen players. For example both Blake Wheeler and Chris Kreider had similar production levels in their freshmen years, and were of a similar build.

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