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07-15-2013, 06:17 PM
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Originally Posted by TheJoeMan View Post
I know we do and that's what Andersen and Gibson are for. Do you think a Russian goalie is going to want to even stick around after player a season in the ECHL or even the CHL?

He's an after-thought. We have four goalies better than him and three of them aren't going anywhere for at least two years. I'm saying if someone wants him they can have him, for whatever price really. He's just another goalie that goes through the system. What's the big deal?

In 21 drafts we've selected 17 goalies and a grand total of three of them have ever played for us. Two of them were veterans and wouldn't even be draft eligible if we took their drafts were held nowadays. The thing with Bobkov is he's a decent goalie and I'm sure there's a team that could use him. Why not trade him now while someone might want him? Or he's just another minor league goalie who will drift away after his contract expires. Let me ask you this: do you have any delusions that Bobkov will ever don a Ducks jersey?
Things change.

Hebert was ''drafted''. Giggy was traded. Bryz was drafted. Hiller and Fasth was signed from Europe. Gibson and Andersen was drafted.

There isn`t one patter for each franchise.

Lately we have been very good with goalies (in the system). Depth wise we are currently easily in the best situation in franchise history.

Do we even have an ECHL team to send Big Bob to? Is loaning an option? I`m bad at these things.
I also would not like to part with Bobkov for 6th-7th rounder. He still have some potential imo.

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