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10-29-2006, 01:45 PM
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Team Lines: 2006/07 Posters' Edition

So with all this talk about the CH lines, I've was wondering what the lineup of Habs posters would look like if we were to put together a team. I've given this a ton of thought and here's what I came up with:

Blind Gardien - montreal- Mike8 (Our most consistent scoring threat. Logical and intelligent arguments help them match up against any team. Mike8's lack of an avatar might hurt line chemistry, but come game time, this line contributes every shift and puts points on the board.)

Team_Spirit - Marc the Habs Fan - Qui Gon Dave
(An excellent 2nd scoring line. They've been criticized in the media for disappearing and a lack of two-way play, but when the overall offensive talent is undeniable. Expect at least 25 goals from each guy.)

x-bob - Tricolore20 - Darz (Never underestimate the Mod power on a checking line. Locking opposing forwards down with Gaineyesque talent. Darz' penchant for bad penalties makes the line somewhat of a gamble, but x-bob's solid two-way play makes up for it.)

AymanD - BORAT - Lord Chezz
(Our energy line. These guys goad the other team into bad penalties and get them off their game. Their agitating style riles up the opposing teams as well as their own team, but they're all willing to throw their weight around and battle for any loose pucks.)


Mcphee-Gros Bill (Two veteran stay at home guys who are rarely caught out of position. Don't let their age deceive you (collectively over 100 IIRC) they're still quick enough to handle the other team's top lines.)

417-Psycho Papa Joe
(Two veteran offensive minded dmen. Excellent on the PP and hard working in their own zone.)

Mooch-znk (They've been called defensive liabilities in the past, and they don't contribute on the PP, but their solid work ethic makes them a tremendous 3rd pairing.)




Using a two goalie system, I'm hoping the animosty between the two will push them to excel whenever they're called upon to start. Fierce battles between the two off the ice might lead to conflict during practice, but our veteran lockerrom should keep the egos in check.

I honestly think we could win the HF Cup with this lineup. We've got to work hard and make sure our special teams are clicking, but it's doable. I think we'll face stiff challenge from the bWo, but we can use our finesse game and breakup their crash and bang game.

Any feedback would be great. What would your team and lines look like?

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