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10-29-2006, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by DicAnn's73 View Post
I think we should try to at least keep pairs together.

a 3rd line of Kost - Pleks - Johnson is a crapshot IMO...
Kost has 12 NHL games, none this year.
Johnson is a new comer on this team.
Pleks is being moved around, trying to find what his role his on this team.
None have ever played together on a regular basis.

I think it would take quite some time to build chemistry there, and would be a risky experiment.
Yeah ok, let's have Kosty down in Hamilton and Murray on the roster... he brings so much to the team.

I tell you what's crapshot;

-using Plekanec on the wing of Bonk; which traduces into Latendresse-Bégin-Murray 4th lines.. I wana puke when I see this fourth line. 3 headless chickens trying to hit everything instead of playing hockey.

-use Latendresse with Bonk-Johnson; traduces into Plekanec playing on a fourth line.. hum, oh yeah that's just a great place for a 5'10'' playmaker.. While Latendresse is so great in a checking role; hey noticed the terrible 3 minutes the Lats-Bonk-Johnson line spent in the beggining of the second period vs the Laffs?

What I suggest is bringing back the last year's Bégin-Bonk duo which was quite awesome. And bring back the pre-season Plekanec-Johnson duo which excelled both offensively and defensively... to this, add the most NHL ready prospect we have to fill the needs; which IMO is offensive production. If you think defensive reliabilty is needed, bring Ferland or Lapierre.

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